Central Vac

Clean Your Home and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Aubrey Electric can also improve the quality of your family’s life from a microscopic viewpoint. Statistics prove that a clean, healthy living environment is on the top of most families’ priority list.

Aubrey can install a central vac unit in your home and improve the air that you breathe. It has been clinically proven that this one appliance can relieve allergy symptoms by 61% while removing dust, dirt, mites, dander, pollen and other common allergens.

Conventional vacuums tend to simply recycle dust, while central vacs do a thorough job of carrying the allergens away from the living environment. Central vacs are also five times more powerful than uprights, so you can be certain to get the job done well.

Why Switch to a Central Vac Unit?

  • Today’s homes seal in allergens, chemicals and fumes

  • Even a clean home can collect 40 lbs. of dust per year

  • Poor indoor air quality can affect health, safety and comfort, especially in children and the elderly

  • The American College of Allergists reports that 50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution

  • Ideal for new or existing homes

  • Eliminates 100% of vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens

  • Five times more powerful than a conventional upright